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It is always good to have a checklist of the items to bring with you to ensure a quick signing. Depending on the signing, the following items may be needed.

Generally, you must "personally appear"  before a notary. Webcams or satellite video are not acceptable.

Generally a current and valid state issued driver's license or ID Card, U.S. Passport​, or other documents listed in the FAQ.

Completed Documents:​
You should have all documents completed; except for notarial verbiage sections. If you are unsure as to what to enter for any blank lines, you must contact the party that has drawn the paperwork for clarification. Notaries Public are unable to provide legal advice.

For Loan Signings
A photocopy of your identification may be requested by your loan/title officer.

Cashiers Check or other payment if a balance is owed by you for closing a loan. Check with your loan officer.

Witnesses. If needed, please ensure they are at the signing and have proper identification.

NOTE: Identification is required for all notarizations and the name must match what is on the document. For example: Mary Jane Doe must present identification listing all three names.  Identification with only Mary Doe is insufficient. Please ensure you have the proper documentation.

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